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Press Release

A new board game will soon be launched on Kickstarter.

The game named Hippies, Yippies, Yuppies and Burnouts™ is set in the late 1960s, in a time of tie-dyed t-shirts and bell-bottoms, psychedelic posters promoting great music, an explosion of new ideas in art and literature, and some dynamic changes in public attitude toward an unjust war and social injustice. Groovy new technology and hip new innovative businesses abounded.

It was a colorful time that laid the foundation for today’s America! Folks from sixteen to senile will find it enjoyable. From two to four players will travel paths that will take you to your goals, collecting the necessary chips that will allow you entrance into your final destination, whether in the counter culture, through activism trying to make the world a better place or forging your own path in business or politics. You may find yourself shuttled onto a different path that leads to a different goal. How many people do you know who ended up working in the field they were trained in?

The game takes an hour to an hour and a half to play and is easily learned, with the complete instructions on only one page. Explore (or re-visit) the different sub-cultures of the time period as you travel the paths that could take you to your life's goal. Watch out, you might get drafted into the military or, if you’re lucky, end up in the Peace Corps. If you chose, you could enhance the game with the trivia questions cards. The correct answer could gain you the necessary chips to access your goal or advance you along your path. The game echoes life’s real challenges in this turbulent time, with a fun twist or two that makes for a trip not soon forgotten. (No pun intended.)

The url to the official website is: www.hippiesyippiesyuppiesandburnouts.com

In Detroit in the late 1960s I attended an art school now named College for Creative Studies. They currently have a degree program in commercial and fine arts, though they didn't when I attended. I have many fond memories of the time, so I thought I might be able to share those experiences through a fun game.

William Aksel Art, LLC

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